Walter Sanford

Walter Sanford, president of My Turn Mobile, understands the importance of making learning fun. He has been developing educational software for more than 17 years and brings his expertise to My Turn Mobile as lead programmer and producer of the company’s popular mobile applications for kids. As president, Walter has assembled an award-winning, technically creative team to design entertaining apps that keep kids coming back for more. The secret ingredient: Games so engaging and addictive, kids don’t even realize they’re learning.

Patrick McEvoy

As art director of My Turn Mobile, Patrick McEvoy applies his 20 years of experience in art direction, animation, illustration and programming to create engaging game designs that kids love. Patrick’s visually stimulating illustrations and concept art are appreciated by kids and adults alike, which is why Marvel Entertainment, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast and others have sought Patrick to breathe life into their well-known characters. Always evolving as an artist, Patrick currently writes a blog about his projects and is a regular co-host and producer on the illustration podcast Ninja Mountain.

Joyce Hakansson

Joyce Hakansson, design director of My Turn Mobile, is an award-winning pioneer in creating innovative educational technology to entertain kids while they learn. An early adopter of technology, Joyce was responsible for bringing the first computer van to classrooms, libraries, and other educational institutions in Northern California. She later started her own company, consistently earning numerous industry awards and honors for producing high-quality educational software. Joyce has spent her career focusing on the importance of technology in learning, making her a perfect fit for My Turn Mobile.

Mitchell Rose

Mitchell Rose, lead artist for My Turn Mobile, has spent more than 40 years bringing educational software and film to life through award-winning animation and character design. Professionally, Mitchell has worked for years on youth-centered ventures, creating films for Sesame Street and illustrations for Hooked on Phonics. While working for educational software companies including Edmark and Davidson Films, he was an integral part of a creative team recognized with numerous industry design awards. Mitchell has published several cartoon books and a children’s book called Norman, in addition to winning a Golden Globe from the San Francisco Film Festival for the cartoon short, More.

Alesha Bishop

Alesha Bishop brings years of experience in advertising, marketing, branding and social media to her role as marketing director of My Turn Mobile. Equally important, she possesses a personal knowledge of the significance of worthy interactive educational technology. As one of the co-creators of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers who promote quality apps for kids and families, Alesha is a contributor to the large market seeking mobile apps of value. In 2009, she helped create the iPhone app Mom Maps, which was promoted by Apple and named one of the top five mobile apps on Alesha currently maintains multiple social media accounts, including her blog Eco Chic Mommy, and regularly shares her iPhone with her young son.

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